Quality PowerParts®

Energy Dynamics Ltd. (EnDyn) has been providing parts and service for Waukesha® equipment since the beginning days of our Service Division in 1947.  EnDyn PowerParts® for VHP’s have logged close to a million engine operating hours world wide!


  • Same quality as expected with other PowerParts® product lines.
  • Two year no-nonsense warranty for manufactured parts.
  • Higher level of customer service delivered.
  • As good as (or better) than current OEM parts and technology.
  • Normal overhaul parts in-stock, ready for immediate delivery.

Just like the Waukesha®, PowerParts® provide Very High Power!

Research and Development

EnDyn’s R&D programs improve upon new PowerParts® to insure against premature failure of critical engine and compressor items. After parts are manufactured and pass our QC inspection process, they are installed in a test engine and tested under load to insure conformability and stability.

After logging 30+ “Rigorous, painstaking” hours on our in-house dyno, our R&D Team meticulously compared the data to OEM and even other aftermarket parts in the same engine.

EnDyn’s full line of VHP PowerParts® for Waukesha performed through operation and initial wear “as good as, if not better” than the same OEM parts!


VHP Flyer


EnDyn was first in our industry to introduce Just-In-Time (JIT) Overhaul, Maintenance, and Inspection Kits for our Ajax® product line. EnDyn’s JIT kits benefit our customers through decreased inventory carrying cost and decreased downtime during overhauls. Customers can order a standard JIT kit or we can customize one to meet your specific requirements. As with all normally stocked PowerParts®, unused parts can be returned for full credit.