EnDyn distributes only genuine Kimray Inc. equipment. Kimray’s acknowledgement of EnDyn’s extensive inventory, warrantied exchange/repair facility, and technical assistance capabilities allows EnDyn to distribute new components without a resale mark-up.

EnDyn inventory approaches $250,000 including exchanges for glycol pumps and over 50 models of various Kimray controls. As an authorized repair facility, exchange/repair equipment has a 90 day warranty. Every remanufactured component is operationally tested to ensure reliable performance within factory pressure, flow, and sensing standards.

Field service is available 24/7 and can be assisted with fully equipped hoist mounted trucks. Note that EnDyn’s safety program and insurance coverage exceeds most requirements.

To increase your production time and decrease your freight cost, EnDyn regularly delivers same-day orders (with no mileage charge) within 100+ miles of Alice, Texas. Delivery is not only quick, it is accurate.

Do you have equipment that is wearing the same part prematurely? Rely on 30+ years Kimray experience to identify the correct equipment and provide material variation for harsh and unusual applications. One example of our innovation is that we were the first South Texas repair facility to initiate the use of only Aflas O-rings to repair glycol pumps over 10 years ago. Today, this is a standard in South Texas.

Many sales seminars start with the statement “Customers want quality equipment, fast delivery, and best price– but they can only have two of the three.” EnDyn will challenge this statement, as we strive to deliver customer service excellence every day.

Contact EnDyn at 361.668.8311 for your next Kimray need.


EnDyn’s Authorized Kimray Repair Facility


EnDyn’s Extensive Kimray Inventory