Quality Policy

The purpose of EnDyn’s Quality Policy is to achieve and maintain a standard of quality throughout the organization that will ensure product conformance to customer specifications.

An understanding of all quality procedures, policies and activities is mandatory for all employees within EnDyn. We maintain a quality system which continually reviews its operations with the aim of eliminating all product non-conformity as well as improving quality, products, services, costs and the relationships with customers and suppliers.

The principles of corrective and preventive action, which prevents the reoccurrence and occurrence of problems are incorporated within the quality system.


No Quality Service Program is complete without specific goals on the improvement of communications. The front line of our customer communication link is through our local Distributors. Secondly, EnDyn – Alice, returns all calls, domestic and international, within 60 minutes, and acknowledges all international faxes within 8 hours with an answer or the date when an answer can be expected.

EnDyn has specific targets on the minimum times per year we visit Distributors, Agents, Representatives, Vendors and most importantly, our Customers. In addition, we hold weekly sales and quarterly management meetings to improve internal communications. EnDyn realizes that Quality Service is only obtainable with continued improvements in communications.


EnDyn prices each item based on actual cost rather than across the board price increases. Volume purchases over one year in advance help to maintain costs from our vendors as well as maintaining proper stocking levels.

EnDyn has no Class One or Emergency Breakdown percent adders. Emergency orders are shipped the same day of receipt of order by phone, fax or email without the requirement of a formal purchase order. Same day delivery service is arranged based on customer requirements. In addition, export crating is included in the price for critical items such as crankshafts, bedplates, cylinder blocks, etc.

Based on our successful experience of receiving blanket orders (BPOs) for the major SUPERIOR®, AJAX® and WAUKESHA® users in the world, our prices represent a significant net savings to our customers.


Customers expect EnDyn to meet their committed deadlines and our Quality Delivery Program is set-up to fulfill that commitment. Quotations are delivered 95% (minimum) on time with Delivery at 95% (minimum) as well. Note that the engine and compressor industry averages approximately 72%.

Typical tracking items include: date received, acknowledge date, committed delivery date, and actual ship date. Back-orders are tracked by commitment date with follow-up on a weekly basis.

PowerParts® are shipped from modern machining, warehouse, and service facilities dedicated only to complete coverage of SUPERIOR®, AJAX® and WAUKESHA® equipment. EnDyn ships before our competition can enter a customer’s request order into their system. Standard overnight freight service from Alice to Houston Intercontinental Airport, or the Houston Ship Channel results in a minimum of a four (4) days time savings for international orders.

24-hours a day, 7 days a week delivery of quality parts is the major factor associated with our continuing success. Over 35,000 line items representing in excess of $20,000,000 (US) is located in our Alice, Texas warehouse inventory. An additional $5,000,000 of inventory is strategically located in our Domestic and International distributor network.

A majority of this $25,000,000 inventory is normal daily usage parts which are available for same day delivery. This means that 90% of an end-users parts needs are currently in stock.


Our warranty policy exceeds any of those offered in the engine and compressor industry by two-fold in every category. EnDyn warrants indicated new goods of our manufacture with approved Installation Data Sheets (IDS) for two (2) years from date of delivery against defects in material and workmanship.

Exchange-remanufactured assemblies and complete engine/compressors are remanufactured to as new specifications and carry a new unit one (1) year warranty. Services are warranted for six (6) months.

In addition, any complaint that may arise is either answered immediately or a commitment to when we will have an answer is given within 60 minutes of a received complaint.


ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of registration.

ISO 9001-2008 Means High Quality Products

ISO 9001:2008 certification means high quality products.


Order Analyst: 24 hour service for customer convenience.

Warehouse - High Stocking 2

Warehouse: High stocking levels to meet customers demands.